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You can now get your Bank Statements delivered to you electronically, If you have Netteller click on the Estatement tab to begin.

Online Banking


These days it seems everyone is busy and sometimes it is hard to fit a trip to the bank into your schedule! At Bank of Brookhaven, we have a banking!

How to use "Netteller"

You can begin enrollment by downloading the Netteller enrollment form (below). Complete the application, print it, sign it and mail it to 411 Brookway Boulevard, Brookhaven, MS 39601. If you rather apply in person, please feel free to stop in and ask for an enrollment form for Internet banking. We offer this to you at no cost.

Click here for a printable application for Netteller. (Adobe Acrobat required.)

How to Sign-In 

The sign in link is available on the front page, the online banking page and on the mobile banking page for your convenience. Just click there to begin the sign in process.  (see link located on the right side of this page)   


Netteller Provides:

·         No Monthly Fee

·         View up-to-date information on your Bank Of Brookhaven Accounts.

·         View your account details & daily balances

·         See images of checks you’ve written

·         Transfer money or pay Bank Of Brookhaven loan payments

·         Download your account information into money management software

·         Make stop payment requests

·         View and/or print up-to the last six months statements