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You can now get your Bank Statements delivered to you electronically, If you have Netteller click on the Estatement tab to begin.

Mobile Banking

Banking on the go with Netteller’s Mobile Banking

Now, you can use your wireless phone* to receive and pay bills, view account balances, make transfers and more. Our mobile banking service offers control, access, convenience and security.

The mobile banking service offers an easy way to access information from your Bank Of Brookhaven accounts in a single application - anywhere, anytime! With mobile banking, you can pay your bills 24/7 while at work, at home or on the road. Bank Of Brookhaven is proud to offer you our FREE mobile banking service, If you already have Netteller you can sign up on your Neteller banking page now, if not, fill out the Netteller application and mail or drop it by the main office and soon you will be able to access your accounts by cellphone.  Bank Of Brookhaven now has an App for mobile banking in the App store, just search for Bank of Brookhaven and download it free today.

Netteller’s Mobile Banking Provides:

·         FREE Netteller mobile banking service

·         View up-to-date information on your Bank Of Brookhaven Accounts

·         View your account details & daily balances

·         Transfer money or pay Bank Of Brookhaven loan payments

·         You can even pay bills if you have signed up for Nettellers Billpay

* your cell phone must have internet access to utilize Netteller Mobile Banking.  Cellular carrier fees apply!